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TRICK OR TREAT: AFTON: A Simple Halloween Night Becomes a Fight for Survival in this Horror Game

Trick or Treat: Afton is a short first-person survival horror action indie game that was produced by zzzlaud and published on October 30th of this year, on the indie gaming platform The game appears to be a kind of spin-off of another game produced by zzzlaud, The Afton Ring: Home Invasion, and in Trick or Treat, you control a boy on a Halloween night who enters the same house where the events of the game mentioned above took place. When you get there, you are greeted by a dark and strange figure (which by the way also appears in the same game mentioned above) and invites you to enter. Once inside the house, this figure proposes to play a seek and hide prank, but he seems to have some not very good intentions, and you need to find a way to escape him, before you get caught.

Trick or Treat: Afton features great graphics that are very reminiscent of PSX games, as well as low-poly characters and objects, which greatly reinforce this inspiration. The gameplay is very simple and with a few seconds you start playing more naturally. The game is short and can be finished in around 15 minutes or more, depending on how fast you find items (and also how you prevent your stalker from capturing you). Also the game features two endings, which can be done quickly.

Check out the gameplay of Trick or Treat: Afton and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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