TYRANT'S REALM: a 32-bit Souls-like game full of dangers and an epic boss

Tyrant's Realm is a third-person adventure game developed by TORA GROUP where you play as a warrior in medieval buildings full of dangers. The game is inspired by games like Dark Souls with deadly embedding where supporting buttons is not the best strategy.

The game is a 32-bit version of Dark Souls and has beautiful graphics, good gameplay and great fluidity. The highlight of the game is the excellent representation both in the atmosphere and in the changes, one of them with a boss with a great level of challenge.

Check out the gameplay

Download Tyrant's Realm

SUPER 8 MARIO: a demake of the original Super Mario 64

Super 8 Mario is a platform game developed by AcroPR and a demake of the original Super Mario 64 where you explore one of the worlds of the plumber's 2d game. The game has as a highlight the care for

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