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TZIM TZUM: Things change as you use the elevator in this Silent Hill-inspired game

TzimTzum is a first-person horror game developed by Stef Pinto and Vivian that takes place in an empty but mysterious building. As you explore the rooms and floors of the building, but the scenery changes and strange things happen.

The graphics are good and simulate games from the 32-bit era with low-resolution textures and serrated polygons. However, for those who experienced the time, consider this type of aesthetics in horror games as one of the most frightening ones like those in games like Silent Hill. The sound does its job with sound effects that warn the player that there is something strange in the place and creates a surrealist atmosphere. The gameplay follows the standard of the genre, with movement, interaction, menu and flashlight.

Check out the gameplay

Download Tzim Tzum

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