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UNLIKELY: A Horror Game With Dice And A Macabre Clown.

Updated: Mar 20

Unlikely is a short horror game with dice and a macabre clown developed by Nacho Sama and made for the GMTK Jam where you play dice with a hungry and very strange clown in a precarious room. However, the game that seems simple turns out to be impossible and deadly.

To score is simple: take cards and dice and play them. Each match of the cards with the dice is equivalent to 1 point. In the first round you have 10 cards and you need to get 10 points. In the second round, you have one less card and you have to repeat the score and so on, making the game impossible to win.

Download Unlikely for Android

Unlikely is a card game with horror elements that can also be downloaded to your smartphone through the Play Store. Enjoy this intense game by downloading Unlikely for Android right now.

Unlikely update

Unlikely has received a new update that adds a new rule to the game where a larger die, after being rolled, only grants you a 66% chance of winning. Where, by winning, you receive one more card in the round, by losing, you can lose a card or a point.


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