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URBAN DREAMBOG: Explore a Surreal, Urban, Dreamworld in this LSD: Dream Emulator-inspired Game

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Urban Dreambog is a short indie first-person simulation game that was produced by Pixel Pauer and published on November 7th of this year, on the indie gaming platform Urban Dreambog has no set plot: here you only explore a kind of urban environment within a dream, where your goal is just to explore, interact with whoever appears in front of you, find the goats' heads (which is very strange because itself) and find the way out.

Urban Dreambog is bizarre from start to finish, and the reason is quite simple: it was one of the games to submit to this year's LSDJAM, a game jam hosted by Figglewatts (yes, the same one behind The Mutated Reality game), who pays homage to LSD: Dream Emulator, an experimental exploration game that embraces the surreal and the bizarre and which, although it fell into obscurity at the time of its release (1998), has slowly, over the years, acquired a cult status among some players. As such, Urban Dreambog embraces the aesthetic and surreal present in LSD: Dream Emulator. But in the creation of Pixel Pauer, the aesthetic follows a direction towards the style of MS-DOS games. And it's notorious here, from the graphics to its gameplay, which is very typical of games from that time.

You can check out Urban Dreambog gameplay and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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