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VAMPIRE OVERLORD: Take on a Team of Heroes in a Fierce Boss Rush in This Action Game

Vampire Overlord is a short indie third-person boss rush action game that was produced by theStoff, KepFox, Baschfire and ESCAvdb, and published on May 29th this year on the platform. Vampire Overlord takes place in a world covered in shadows, filled with ferocious monsters. In the midst of it all, Luna a merciless vampire, reigns. With an enormous lust for power, she desires nothing more and will do whatever it takes to get it. Against her we have Rain, a valiant knight. He fights monsters while gaining experience and strength to face his enemies until he reaches Luna.

Here in this game, the role is reversed: instead of facing the villain of the story, you ARE the villain himself. You control Luna during the boss rush and the challenge level increases as more warriors appear to face you, and that's what defines Vampire Overlord's gameplay. As for graphics, the game is completely inspired by pixelated 2D games, only a little better done here. You can check out the Vampire Overlord gameplay on our channel. If interested, play or download Vampire Overlord from the page. Just click on the respective links below.

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