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VERSO: A Horror Game Where You Must Transit into Dimensions to Escape from Your Dark Self

Verso (in English: Verse) is a thriller/horror indie game created by LuTDC, a Brazilian game studio, and released on December 10th of this year. Here you are a young man that sees yourself trapped in a house with many mirrors, that work as portals to a dark and macabre dimension of it. Your objective is to escape from this house by transiting into dimensions to get the keys. The problem is that you have an obscure and assassin version of yourself walking freely on the obscure dimension, and he will spare no effort in killing you in the most painful possible way.

The game, in terms of visuals, presents some similarities with many PS1 games. The gameplay is simple: you only walk, run, and interact by getting keys and open unlocked doors. The soundtrack although absent in the real dimension, in the dark dimension, presents ambient music that improves tension in some situations.

Verso is a short game, but proportionates a good tension moment and even scares if you were caught by your distorted reflex. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.


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