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WATER WOMB WORLD: As a Researcher, Find the Origin of Life in this Horror Adventure Game

Water Womb World is an indie horror and adventure game created by Yames and released on June 11, 2020, on the "itch.io" website. Here, you are a researcher who embarks on a journey in the depths of the ocean, more precisely at a point called the Gaspar Zone, where you must find clues that lead to discovering about the fall of Adam, the origin of creation and sin and even finds The Garden of Eden, the place that gave birth to everything.

The game has a very retro look, with pixelated graphics that recall the style of games from the 16-bit era. Here the gameplay consists of just using the mouse to interact with a panel on the right. You use the panel commands to move around, cast nets, analyze artifacts, and study the captured specimens.

Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game from the link:



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