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WAYWARD HARBOR: a first-person horror game where you use a handheld mirror to escape from a terror.

Wayward Harbor is a first person horror game and also a first person survival horror game developed by Forild, VitalyTarover, MartijnDhondt, LarkArt, Christopher Null where you need to escape from a strange place with a scary creature that is invisible to human eyes. To help you on your journey, you'll only have a familiar mirror that manages to reflect the image of the strange creature as it manages to start the boat.

The game has good visuals and an incredible horror atmosphere. The challenge is extremely high and, even with the mirror, you'll need to listen to the sounds and pay attention to any changes on the screen, as well as hide from the creature using bushes and tables while looking for items scattered across the scene that are the key to getting out of the place.

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