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WELCOME HOME 2: A Horror Game where You must Escape from a House full of Strange Events

Welcome Home 2 is an indie adventure/puzzle game with touches of horror produced by anactualskeleton and published on January 27 of that year on the "" platform. Here, you control David, a young boy who goes to his grandmother's house to look after her. She has been very sick and because of this, she lives in her room every day, opening only to receive the food that her grandson brings. One night, after finding the door to his grandmother's room open, David enters and discovers that not only did his grandmother enter a kind of cocoon, but she demanded that the boy lock himself in the basement in order to avoid hurting him. From there, David will see that things will get stranger and stranger.

The game features great pixelated graphics and interesting gameplay. The puzzle element is very present: you will need to pay attention to the dialogues and solve some problems based on the items and information you acquire during the game. In addition, some of these problems can only be solved through masks (a la Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), which grant David several special skills, such as communicating with aliens, seeing invisible things, and even entering dimensions foreign to his own.

The game is in the development stage, but it has great potential to be an excellent game. You can check his gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested in playing the demo, you can click on the link below for that:

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