What's wrong with the baby? THE BABY IN YELLOW (PC)

Updated: Jul 10

The Baby in Yellow is an FPS game for PC where you are a nanny and need to take care of a little weird baby by giving him food, putting him to sleep and changing his diaper if you can. Graphically the game has good graphics and, with the exception of the baby, the other objects on the scene are very generic. There are some visual effects, use of particles that increase the immersion in the game. Sound is not the strongest point of the game, it is limited to baby sound effects and objects. The game has good controls, but nothing exceptional. The expected of a Survival horror game in FPS. The fun consists in discovering exactly what you need to do to continue the game, but nothing too demanding, which is the replay factor. The Baby in Yellow is one of those home games that are worth a game to pass the time.

Update (Version 1.0)

  • Android support

  • New fancy lighting (woo!)

  • Major performance optimisations

  • Pause menu/settings

  • ++Secret room!++

  • More fixes for various bug/gameflow issues

Check out the gameplay

Check out the gameplay (SPEED RUN)

Download here

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