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WHITEROCK BAY: Your car is broken and a strange light chases you along the coast in this horror game

Whiterock Bay is a short survival horror game developed by Frozjennn where you are traveling and end up in Whiterock Bay, an abandoned place on the coast that seems to have strange events. Now you need to find a way to get out of the place and avoid a strange light since your car won't start.

The game has visuals quite similar to games like SIlent Hill, including the atmosphere itself and even the appearance of the protagonist, which resembles Harry Mason - including a character that appears only in the notes scattered around the place called Mason, making a clear allusion to the protagonist of the first one. Konami's survival horror game. The game manages to create an interesting atmosphere and the creature that emits light - not identified in the game - manages to bring an air of horror, however, after understanding the patterns, the game totally misses the challenge. It still needs to improve on small things like the character's movement, even though it's a simple game, as it generates a certain strangeness and breaks a little with the player's expectation, even though the game has good potential for a survival horror title inspired by classics of the era. 32-bit.

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