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LOVELAND: A PSX Horror Game about a strange frog cult and misssing people.

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Loveland is a first-person horror game developed by DEVHOUR GAMES where strange disappearances occur in a small trailer park near Loveland, Ohio. Now you need to discover the secrets of the place and of a strange cult and a mysterious leader who are linked to a lot of frogs.

Graphically Loveland follows the style of games from the 32-bit era like the Playstation and Sega Saturn games. The game has few polygons, some light effect and textures. The look follows a new wave of games that resemble previous consoles like M. Stain from Imposter Syndrome.

The sound only has sound effects that, despite contributing to the atmosphere of solitude and mystery, does not enrich the game. The gameplay is classic in FPS games, but it plays well. You will have no trouble finding the right commands. The fun is ... say, tedious. The game only requires you to collect clues and visit house to house until you can open doors. Despite being normal, on an initial map it can generate boredom.

Loveland is that survival horror game that is worth a game, but it may or may not get tedious.

Check out the Loveland Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMglyL23Www

Download Loveland here: https://devhourgames.itch.io/loveland


Loveland received a new demo build that adds several changes to the game, such as better plotting, greater focus on exploration and small puzzles, and also the addition of a system that slightly modifies the gameplay depending on what you do and in what order, being able to access new lines during conversations and also different or the same items but in other places.

Check out the Loveland New Demo Build gameplay

Download Loveland Horror Game demo

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