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WILD DOGS: Exterminate Aliens Around the World using all the Necessary Methods in this Action Game

Wild Dogs is an indie action, adventure and third-person shooter game, which is being produced by 2ndBoss and which, despite not having a set release date, had its demo published on March 24th of this year, on the Steam platform. The game's plot apparently takes place a few days before the events of Biolab Wars, a game of the same style that was published on August 23, 2019, and in Wild Dogs, you are Major Frank "Pumpkinhead" Williams, who alongside his partner, Teddy the dog, make up a duo known for being the deadliest and most reckless. You have been assigned a single mission: to stop a global alien invasion and for that you will have to do whatever it takes, even if you have to destroy an entire city.

Wild Dogs features frantic run'n gun action. Heavily inspired by the Contra franchise, the game has a pixelated look very similar to Game Boy games, including the right to change the game's color tones, as in Nintendo's portable console emulators. The characters and environment, in terms of graphics, are very well produced and even full of details. The gameplay, very Contra style, is notorious: you jump and use two types of weapons, which are collected during the level, as in the famous Konami franchise. But it's not just the run'n gun: there are stages where you use vehicles, such as cars, helicopters and others. In addition, you also have a different gameplay when playing with Labrador Teddy: here, in this case, you just walk, jump and activate elevators or anything else that is not possible for Major Frank.

Undoubtedly, the game is excellent, fun and yields good hours of action and shooting. While the game is not released, you can check out the Wild Dogs gameplay, as well as download the demo, by clicking on the respective links below.



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