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WITCHING HOUR: Uncover the mysteries of a small community and its ghastly neighbors in this game.

Witching Hour is a survival horror game and also a puzzle game developed by VincentLade where you play as a woman who, while playing hide and seek with a girl, finds a house with a stranger and ends up finding the dark secrets of the place. Now, in addition to finding the little girl, you'll need to survive her strange neighbors.

The game has good graphics with its own aesthetic and use of cel-shading. There is also a focus on puzzle gameplay where you have to solve small puzzles to gain access to new rooms and secrets of the place.

There are small jumpscares and an atmosphere of middling horror that introduce you to the city of Hollow Hills and its mysteries.

The gameplay:

  • As Above, So Below: Learn of the “others” that inhabit your quiet town and their esoteric beliefs rooted in witchcraft.

  • The Town of Hollow Hills: Explore The Village and The Historical Society as an introduction to this new world.

  • The Witching Hour: You’ll be challenged by paranormal events, complex puzzles, and exploration that will keep you on your toes.

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