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WOE: Deal with Your Inner Self and Defeat Your Fears Confined Inside Your Mind

Woe is a short indie third-person shooter action game in the best bullet hell style that was produced by Nano Knight Studio for this year's Bullet Hell Jam and published on April 25th, on the itch.io platform. In Woe, you are a boy who tries to sleep without dreaming about the figure of a gigantic spider that chases him. But something goes wrong, as you find that you are unable to dream, and now, with all your fears, which were once confined within your mind, manifested in the form of a giant spider, you must deal with your inner self, overcome your fears and beat the spider.

Because it's a game created for a Game Jam, Woe doesn't require many descriptions. In graphic terms, the game uses and abuses pixel art, with an aesthetic that uses shades of white, black and red 9and variations of them). The gameplay is typical of an action game mixed with the bullet hell frenzy typical of shoot'em up games. Woe lets you choose between playing keyboard + mouse and playing with the Xbox controller.

Check out Woe's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game or play it via browser, on the itch.io page. The respective links are below.


  1. YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/bPj7rY0zDNY

  2. ODYSEE: a

  3. TIKTOK: a

DOWNLOAD THE 'WOE' GAME (OR PLAY IT) HERE: https://nanoknightstudio.itch.io/woe

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