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WOLFGUN: Use Your Weapons and Your Bestial Rage to Annihilate Zombies in this Shooting Game

Wolfgun is a third-person shooter indie action game produced by sodaraptor, doktore and ragnaroksixx for Ludum Dare 49. The game was published on October 4th of this year, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. In Wolfgun, you control a ferocious werewolf who battles zombies with knives in a set of horror movies. These zombies want you dead, and to fight them you have your two pistols, and your bestial fury.

sodaraptor is already an established figure in indie circles, being known for his skills in creating games with a visual style inspired by PSX games. And Wolfgun is no different, as he has a sensational low-poly look. And its gameplay is essentially arcade: you control Wolfgun through a huge scenario, shooting zombies that come by waves, using the Mouse. At each end of the wave, you have the option to proceed to the next wave or shop at a small store, and this is where things start to get fun, as you can buy healing items and upgrades, which allows you to speed up and power in your weapons. In addition, you have a Rage bar, which can be filled either by killing zombies or finding cans around the scene. When entering Rage mode, you are invincible for a short time, and with that, you can attack various zombies.

For a project created for a game jam, Wolfgun is an extremely fun game that can make you spend a few hours to get a higher score. More arcade than this game, impossible. But I believe that, seeing the potential of this game, Wolfgun could present a story mode, clothes purchases or weapons customization, as well as new scenarios and new types of zombies. Wolfgun has a potential for an excellent game, it remains to be seen whether sodaraptor will go ahead with the project. We hope so. You can check out Wolfgun's gameplay by clicking this link here. If you are interested, you can download the game on the page below:

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://sodaraptor.itch.io/wolfgun

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