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WORMAGGEDON: Engage in an Battle with an Ancient Serpent to Save Your World from Being Destroyed

Wormageddon is a short indie action role playing game that was produced by DiddleDucc for this year's Ludum Dare, and was published on April 5th, and is available on the itch.io platform. In Wormageddon, you control a brave warrior with a mission: to prevent a mythical serpent from devouring your world from the inside out. For that, you need to distract her and even face her to avoid this tragedy.

Wormageddon is another one of those typical games where the battle never ends, and with each defeat on your part, you'll be faced with a menu or an upgrades screen, where you buy certain upgrades to make your time in the game easier and to obtain points . Apparently, the level of challenge increases as you change platforms each round, so the presence of upgrades is even justified. Graphically speaking, the game has a very beautiful and well-produced pixel art, although it has no details or anything like that.

Check out Wormageddon's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game to try it out. The respective links can be accessed below.


  1. YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/imRWNuKcLxg

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  3. TIKTOK: a

DOWNLOAD THE 'WORMAGEDDON' GAME HERE: https://diddleducc.itch.io/wormageddon

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