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WOUNDED WINTER - A LAKOTA STORY: Avenge Your Tribe and Save Your Wife in this Shooter Game

Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story is a third-person indie action shooter with a western theme created by hammergames and released on December 24 this year. You control a Lakota (a Native American) named Akecheta who had his people wiped out and his wife kidnapped after a betrayal by the United States army. Now you need to rescue it from its enemies, avenge its people and alert the other tribes to the army's lies and threats.

In terms of graphics, the game presents a nice look, with low-poly characters, which somewhat resembles games like Virtua Fighter. The gameplay is very simple: you walk, run, crouch, aim, and shoot with the mouse, in addition to interacting with a specific object.

Despite being short, it is a great game and worth playing if you are interested in spending time with an uncompromising action game. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game from the link:

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