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XENOSPORE: Destroy/Cleanse Tiles to Isolate Populated Areas Before They Become Alien Food

Xenospore is a short indie puzzle game with a tactical twist that was produced and developed by AvivL and published on June 2nd of this year, being available on the platform. Xenospore puts you to manage land with some houses that are being attacked by an alien organism, launching its spores through the air and infecting everything. Its role is to protect populated areas using methods ranging from site cleaning to complete destruction of the area.

What we have here is basically a very peculiar puzzle game. In Xenospore, you are placed in front of several areas with a time limit before the alien organism begins to contaminate various areas. The challenge level is related to the areas you get, where you'll even have to restart a few times to respond. Each area is represented by a fair number of tiles and, depending on how those tiles are, you can choose between cleaning it or destroying it. Graphically speaking, Xenospore presents a very well-built pixelated retro look, in a style that seems to have been inspired by NES games, which is excellent, because when it comes to something retro, it never hurts.

You can check out the Xenospore gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the Xenospore game from the page. The respective links are available for access below.

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