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YELLOW ROSE MOTEL: A Peaceful Slum Turns into a Living Hell in this Horror Game

Yellow Rose Motel is an indie action and survival horror game, produced by DarkDayAfternoon and published on February 22 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control John, a man who has just arrived in a slum called Yellow Rose Motel. At first, everything seems to be peaceful, with an excellent conviction among the tenants, but what he does not know is that, at night, this coexistence will give rise to a terrible nightmare. It's up to you to find out what's going on in this place.

The game features a look that draws inspiration from many PSX games, Sony's 32-bit console, mostly Silent Hill and Resident Evil. In addition, it has influences from horror films from the 90s, which is more accentuated by means of the VHS filter, which simulates a videotape. The gameplay is very simple and it matches the style of the game. Despite the positives, the game has some bugs, sometimes even causing discomfort in the gameplay.

You can check the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here. Take the opportunity to buy the game (unfortunately the game was free until yesterday) by clicking on the "" page, at the link below:

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