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YOUR AMAZING T-GOTCHI!: A Horror/Simulator Where You Must Take Care of a Girl...

Your Amazing T-Gotchi! is a Simulator indie game with Horror elements created by Garage_Heathen and here, you must care for an anime girl in a good and old Tamagotchi way: You must feed her, give her a bath and talk with her. The coolest in playing this game is that are many endings, and you only can achieve them by the way you treat your virtual friend.

But, despite being a cute game in ALL aspects of this word, the game is not recommended for people that have some kind of emotional trauma or with suicidal inclinations, as that girl can present clear symptoms of depression and she can even kill herself if you do not take care of her well.

Visually the game, despite being simple, is very beautiful. It has a retro-oriented aesthetic, with low-poly models. The character is very charismatic and gets the player's attention so well, which prompts him to search for other endings, which improves the replay factor. The soundtrack has a few pieces of music, but is relaxing and combines well with the calm style of gameplay and, speaking of gameplay, you only use the mouse to control all the game commands, and that's it.

Your Amazing T-Gotchi! was published on May 12 of this year and is available on PC (Linux, Windows, and Mac) or Android mobiles. Check out the gameplay right here and, if you want to get the game, buy it by clicking on one of the links below:


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