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ZOMBIE RETRO SIMULATION: Take on Neon Zombies in a Retro Virtual Arena in this Shooting Game

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Zombie Retro Simulation is a short indie game produced by primozov and published on February 22 this year, on the indie gaming platform "itch.io". The game does not feature a plot: you only control a man with a pistol in a virtual environment with influences from the visuals adopted in 80's music genres, such as Synthpop and now resurrected in recent years in the form of Retrowave, Synthwave, and other chicks of these styles. The premise here is to kill all the zombies in the area, and that's it.

As it is a very short game, I’ll just be straight to the point: Zombie Retro Simulation presents simple gameplay, with a simple low-poly graphic, which presents an aesthetic focused on what the idea of ​​a virtual world was like in the 80s, full of neon, grids and polygonal characters. The soundtrack, composed of only two songs, is interesting and contributes even more to the aesthetics of the game.

The game is not bad, but I think it could have more content, thus increasing longevity and maybe even the replay factor. Check out the gameplay on this link here and take the opportunity to try the game by clicking on the link below:


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