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_NEONIFE: Kill Soldiers and Strange Cultists in this Game that Mixes the Cyberpunk Genre and Strife

_NEONIFE is a short indie first-person shooter action game produced by viethuev for this year's E1M1 Game Jam, focused on retro FPS, and published on November 28th of this year. _NEONIFE does not have any defined plot: the game mixes the Cyberpunk subgenre with the setting of games like Blood and Strife and the objective of the game is nothing more than to go out shooting what appears ahead and reach the end of the map.

There's not much to say here, it's good old retro FPS in the Doom mold, but with a cyberpunk flavor. The soundtrack follows the same style, but in a mix of chiptune with audio clips from what appears to be a religious sermon.

Despite being very short (can be completed in a few minutes), it would be great if viethuev could work on this project better, expanding it and adding more Cyberpunk elements. _NEONIFE has excellent potential that would be a shame if wasted. You can check the gameplay of the game and, if you are interested, download it by clicking on the links below.



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