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A HOUSE OF THIEVES: Use Stealth to Steal from Your Neighbors in this Comic Puzzle Game

A House of Thieves is a first-person puzzle indie game that was produced by Kucki and released on January 1st this year, on the "" platform. The plot is very simple and it is pure comedy: you are a thief who wanted to do the shopping of the month, but for some very strange reason, you thought it better to "do the shopping" by invading your neighbors' house behind the items on your list.

The game is a PC version of "There is a Thief in my House", a virtual reality game, and consists of using stealth when entering the house and subtracting the items requested in your list. The interesting thing is that the list is always modified with each move, as well as the items in the house, which greatly increases the replay factor. The gameplay is very simple, just move and use the mouse to interact.

The soundtrack consists of two types of music, one to give the tone of stealth, and another in case of being discovered, the latter increases the tension at every moment. As for the graphics, the game has a more low-poly style, unlike the characters, which are neater.

The game, in its full version, will be released on January 21st. You can check the gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo at the link below:

Take the opportunity to put it on your Steam wish list:

If you want to buy the VR version, just click the link below:

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