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ADONIS: A Short Platform Game About a Spirit's Fight to Save Your Loved One

Adonis is a short indie game created by Sweorkie (Helena HB) and Orson Captainsass and published on December 23 of this year. You are Adonis, a spirit who was separated from your loved one when they died. Your loved one becomes a wandering spirit of the forest, in deep lament, and it's up to Adonis to unite with her again, to finally, staying together for all eternity.

Apparently, the game was released as a finished version, but it seems, in my opinion, more as a prototype version than a finished version indeed. There are some bugs in the game and there are no sound effects for the characters. In positive points, we have the soundtrack, which is enjoyable, and the game visual itself: it's like was drawn by hand.

The game seems to have good potential, but for that, I believe that it needs to become neater. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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