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AFTER SCHOOL: A Horror Game where You find Yourself Alone in an School with a Threatening Person

After School is a short indie first person horror game that was produced by SirCartaux and published on the platform on January 6th of this year. In the game, you find yourself inside the school on a late afternoon after school. When you leave the room, however, you notice that there is no one else in the room, or at least you thought you were alone...

The game is very short and, despite the very cool look, inspired by early PSX games, the gameplay is very simple and leaves a little to be desired. You spend most of your game time going downstairs. There could be a little more body in this game, adding a few more things, like collecting some items, or a map a little wider, so it can improve a lot.

Check out After School gameplay and, if you are interested, download and play it by clicking on the links below.


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