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ALIEN DAMNATION: Survive the Xenomorphs on an Inhospitable Planet in this Survival Horror Game

Alien: Damnation (aka A L I E N: Damnation) is an indie third-person survival horror game that was produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on January 22nd of this year, on the platform. As with several games produced by Cagnani, this one is based on the Alien movie universe, and Damnation takes place sometime before or after Alien 3, in the colonial station of the planet IENON V, near FIORINA 161, the planet where the third film in the franchise has taken place. A USS ship crashes into an area of ​​IENON V, and your objective here is to survive... or die.

The game had initially been produced in 48 hours for a Jam, but according to Cagnani, he thought it best to turn it into a standalone short game, finishing it. And talking about Cagnani is kind of obvious: the guy has a talent for creating small games inspired by movies (or not), but with a care and care that are impressive. The game's graphics and lighting are exceptional, especially the lighting, which very well captures the tense atmosphere that was provided in the franchise's films.

Check out the Alien: Damnation gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.


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