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ALONE IN HELL: Try To Get OUT Or Suffer A Fate MUCH WORSE Than Death in this Horror Game

Alone in Hell is a short first-person atmospheric horror game produced by MrConqueror and published on May 1st of this year on the platform. In Alone in Hell, you're a guy who wakes up in a strange and unfamiliar room. The house you are in has no windows, telephone or even signs of life. She is completely empty. However, you explore the house for notes that will give you a bigger picture of what's going on. Your objective here is to find the truth about that place and find a way to escape its captivity.

Here is a game that is simple in every aspect, but interesting in its proposal. According to MrConqueror, this is the second game he's made, so it's understandable that there are some mistakes here and there, but they are passable. In terms of graphics, the game presents a fairly competent visual, which explores the dark at times, giving the player the sense of something terrible and imminent that could appear in the dark, and that was very well put here. The gameplay consists only of movements, and interaction. The main idea here is, apparently, to explore the entire house in search of notes and messages that appear on the walls, giving a sense of what happened to the player.

According to MrConqueror, he is working on a 30-minute to an hour horror game. We look forward to hearing more about this new work when it comes out. Until then, check out the Alone in Hell gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game to try it out. The respective links are available below.


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