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Amanda The Aventurer 2 is a Educational Horror Game where you play as Riley Park, who, after seeing what was contained in the mysterious tapes in her attic, goes to a public library in search of more information about the strange events. There, a masked figure claims to know you and asks for your help in finding a familiar item and warning about the mysterious dark entity.


  • Interactive cartoons return! Talk directly to Amanda like before, but now your input has a bigger effect on her world

  • New interaction type: GET UP! Go out and explore the environment to find something Amanda asks for, or don't! See how she responds!

  • New Area: Kensdale Public Library - You're not at Aunt Kate's anymore! Explore a bigger environment with even more secrets and lore to find!

  • New Friends! Neither Riley or Amanda will be alone on their adventures with friends by their side!

  • Dig even deeper into the story of Amanda, Riley and Aunt Kate, and the sinister production of Amanda the Adventurer to unfold a horrifying history

Amanda The Adventurer 2 Official Trailer

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