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AUDITOR SAGA 64: Audit Hell Itself and Prepare Everything for Judgment Day in this Platform Game

Auditor Saga 64 is a short third-person indie platform game that was produced by suitntie22 and published on January 3rd of this year, on the platform. The game was produced for the lame jam of December of last year and in it you control an auditor, one of the best in Heaven. You've been sent to Hell to audit it, with a mission to prepare everything for Judgment Day.

The game is a very simple collect-a-thon and, despite having a reference to the Nintendo 64 in the name, in aesthetic terms, the look couldn't be far from that. The gameplay, however, is very similar: you have a small map, with a few rooms, and full of coins. You use your skills to get the coins and, being in the rooms, you analyze all the items: if any are out of order, you pass the stamp in order to fulfill your mission.

The game is very interesting, with a gameplay that refers to good games of the Nintendo 64 genre, and it would be really cool to see it being better developed, with more stages, an aesthetic very N64-style (this is becoming common in the community indie), an improved soundtrack, anyway. Auditor Saga 64 has a good potential, it will only depend on the developer's will.

Check out the gameplay of Auditor Saga 64 and, if you're interested, play it on the page. Just click on the links below.



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