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BACKROOMS: Find a Way to Escape a Dimension full of Corridors and Rooms in this Puzzle Game

Backrooms (aka Backrooms of Reality) is an indie first-person puzzle game that is being produced by ReflectiveSurfaces and has no release date for the final version, other than a demo version that was published on January 25th of this year, on the itch.io platform. In Backrooms, you are a rookie starting your first day of work as an archivist for a company. His role was to arrange the files and store them on shelves, each shelf named after the letters of the alphabet. But what would be an ordinary work day becomes a huge nightmare, when entering a strange dimension full of corridors and rooms. Now your goal is to find a way out of it.

In terms of graphics, the game is very well produced, very much so. Backrooms uses photorealism in its textures, which is very impressive coming from an indie game (I say this because normally an indie Studio is sometimes composed of very few people, sometimes there are games that are produced by only one person), because it shows that neither you always have to be a high-end studio to make a game like this. Gameplay is more puzzle-focused, with varying degrees of challenges.

According to the developer, the game is being planned to be longer, with a good narrative, more levels and new enemies. It remains to be seen how the final version will be. In the meantime, you can check out the Backrooms gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download the little game, just click on the respective links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/5IzrKx7CX5c

DOWNLOAD THE DEMO HERE: https://reflectivesurfaces.itch.io/backrooms-of-reality

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