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BIRD GIRL: A Simulation Which You Only Flies Through The Island

Bird Girl is a simulation indie game created by PatHealy and released on indie games site, on December 28 of this year. The game doesn't have a plot: you control a bird girl which only explores the island while flying away.

The game is short and simple: You move by using the WASD keys, uses Spacebar to fly and Q and E keys to tilt left or right. You do all of this while uses Mouse as a camera.

The graphics seem to emulate a visual similar to PS1 games and are very interesting but, as one negative point, the colors in this game are so saturated that can bother some players, causing some discomfort on them. The music is very cool and combines well with the relaxing feeling of the game.

For a short game that, according to the developer, was created as a birthday gift to a friend, the experience was very cool. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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