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BLACK RESIN: A Challenging Platform Game Where You Must Take Vengeance Upon Your Oppressors

Black Resin is an action and platform indie game created by pies dariusz (and your team) and with a prototype version published on December 18 of this year. Here, you are an alien who had your planet invaded and torn by your enemies and, during the battle, you have been heavily wounded. By entering in contact with a dark, unknown substance, you rise again, but as an avatar of nature, and you are coming with a vengeance.

Visually the game is very beautiful. The graphics are pixelated and, apparently, It has some influences from 90s games of the same style, like Prince of Persia, Another World, and Flashback. The gameplay is very simple: you can walk, run, interact with some machines, and jump.

You, as an entity, also can crawl into the ceiling, pass through ducts and grids and, finally, enter into your enemies and control them, by accessing places that you, in your original form, can't access. The game also becomes more and more challenging in every stage: you can surpass the obstacles, but you will die a lot for this.

Despite being a prototype version, with three stages, the game is very good and very challenging. The plot is told only in cutscenes but is of easy understanding for the player, that discovers about the world and the characters at every stage. It worth waiting for the full game. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below (the same link where I got the gif image):

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