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BLAYNIX: an awesome bullet hell shoot 'em up game that pays homage to the 32-bit generation

Blaynix is ​​a 2d indie shoot 'em up game developed by Zakichi where you face a technological evil in a futuristic world full of robots, spaceships and robotic structures that want to exterminate you, in multiple stages full of bullet hell in a 2D visual that simulates games 32-bit generation 3d.

The game has interesting visuals, because, despite looking 3D, they are 2d assets that represent three-dimensional models rendered in sprites that are very reminiscent of Playstation or Saturn games. In addition to the visuals, the sound is excellent and has high quality music tracks that don't lose to AAA game tracks of the genre.

The gameplay is also addictive and allows you to make big scores by destroying your enemies as quickly as possible or when they are determined of you, creating a point multiplier up to x256.

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