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BOVENTURE!: Go on an Adventure with Your Trusty Bow, Discover Areas, Kill Baddies & More!

Boventure! is a short indie third-person adventure game that was produced by Fire Phantom and published on April 18th of this year, and is available on the itch.io platform. The game itself has a very simple premise: in possession of a bow and a single arrow, you must explore a huge world, with several areas to collect items, kill monsters, among other things.

Boventure! was produced within 72 hours for this year's Mini Jam, with themes determined by the organizers. In visual and graphical aspects, Boventure! features a pixel art style well focused on small things, ranging from characters to items. In terms of gameplay, it reminds a little of Gain Ground, from Sega Genesis, only with more freedom and a little faster, in addition to controlling only a single character. The challenge here, perhaps, lies in the fact that you only have a single arrow, and how you depend on it to kill the fast-moving monsters, which requires a lot of speed to dodge their attacks until the moment you pick them up. the arrow, load (represented by a bar that is next to the character) and shoot, according to the angle that the mouse points.

Check out Boventure's gameplay! on our channel. If you want to try the little game, just access the game page on itch.io, there you can play both via browser and by downloading the game. The respective links are below.


  1. YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/zRREdmSB4YQ

  2. ODYSEE: a

  3. TIKTOK: a

DOWNLOAD BOVENTURE (OR PLAY THE GAME) HERE: https://fire-phantom.itch.io/boventure

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