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BREAKOUT: Shut Down the Six Terminals before They Capture You in This Adventure Game

Breakout is a short indie adventure game and first person thriller that was produced by Assist Studios and published on January 9th of this year, on the platform. In the game, you find yourself at a Quantum Technologies base in a certain district. Your objective is to shut down all terminals while avoiding attracting the guards' attention and finding your way out of the place.

Being very short and straightforward, the game appears to be quite inspired by another game we covered here on the channel, Relive. I mean, I think it was really inspired, because the idea is the same in both: you have to explore a huge area, with terminals placed at certain points, terminals that emit a red light, allowing the player to navigate through them. As you turn off the terminals, guards will appear and if they spot you, they'll run after you and if they catch you, game over.

In terms of graphics, the game presents a simple and beautiful look, not unlike Relive. You have a huge area, colorful and full of vegetation to explore. The soundtrack is relaxing and blends in very well with the game's lonely and peaceful atmosphere.

Check out the gameplay of Breakout and, if you are interested, download the game, just click on the links below.


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