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RELIVE: Find the 6 Terminals that Open the District Gates and Don't Get Caught

Relive is a short indie simulation, survival and first person adventure game being produced by KoopHaussgames and which has a prototype published on December 31st this year, on the platform. Relive's story takes place in a future where an alien civilization came to rule the world, bringing all its leaders to their knees. After that, every state in the U.S. was segregated into districts shrouded in huge walls, governed by a Community Leader who reports to a Council that reports to Aliens. But not everyone believes in this supposed benevolence on the part of the invaders, they even believe that "They" have a sinister plan behind these acts of kindness and that's where you come in: waking up in a frozen tundra, you must deactivate six beacons to open a gate that will take you to the district borders. You do this because you hope to find your family (if they still survived...)

Short and quick here: Relive is a walking simulator with survival elements. You have a huge field surrounded by six beacons, each of which can be disabled. Your role is just to run to each of them, disable the beacon and reach the border gates. However, this will not be an easy task, as you will come across the guards, dark silhouettes that carry flashlights all the time. If you're spotted, they'll run after you. If they catch you, game over and repeat the process. As for the graphical aspects, Relive presents a very nice low poly look, and nothing else.

As stated above, Relive is in development stage. It would be interesting to have a narrative that leads the player to understand the history, the colonization of aliens, the segregation of states along borders, etc. The game has good potential for this. While we wait for the complete and finished version, you can check the gameplay and, if you are interested, download the game, just click on the links below.



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