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BULLDOZER: Rescue Your Daughter from the Hands of a Psychopath Aboard a Train in this FPS Game

Bulldozer is an indie first-person shooter and action game that is being produced by BrunoBrasil and that does not have a set release date, however, a prototype version of the game was published on January 28th this year, on the platform. According to the developer, Bulldozer is being built as part of an anthology that brings together several stories that would take place in the same universe, but depicting different times. In this specific game, you control Lieutenant Cooper, an Iron District police officer, who boards a train full of criminals, participating in a sadistic game to save his daughter from the hands of Ektor, a criminal who was arrested by Cooper and who now wants revenge.

According to BrunoBrasil, the game was produced for Game Jaaj 7 within 7 days, serving as a prototype for testing new mechanics for future projects. And this one is very interesting, it has a style that is very reminiscent of PSX games and even the first 3D games for PC, like Quake and Hexen II. Gameplay is pretty simple, not unlike other indie FPS games. It would be interesting if this specific game were more in-depth, but since it's part of an anthology, it would be cool if it connected to the other games, in terms of plot.

Check out Bulldozer's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the prototype to try it out. Just click on the respective links below.



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