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CASTLE: Return to the Haunted Castle Dimitrescu and Save Your Daughter in this RE8 Fan Game

CASTLE (aka CASTLE: Inspired by RE VILLAGE) is an action and survival horror fangame being produced by Robin's Nest and currently in the development stage. A demo version, however, is available on the platform, published on March 10th of this year. CASTLE is a work inspired by the famous Resident Evil: Village game, produced by CAPCOM and released in 2021 and the story follows the same way as in the original (with some small changes): You control Ethan Winters who explores the dark halls of Dimitrescu Castle and unravels its mysteries as he searches for his kidnapped daughter, Rose.

According to the developer, the game was produced as a learning project on his part with Engine Unity. And it seems that it really started well, because the game has a very interesting style: instead of having a first-person camera, as in the original, CASTLE adopts a third-person perspective, with a top-down view. The characters are all pixelated in a 3D environment (something like the famous HD-2D of some recent games produced by Square Enix, like Octopath Traveller).

At the moment, the gameplay is exploration, that is, you explore, search for information and find items to open doors that take you to other areas, but knowing that this is a work in development, it is very likely that other aspects of the game like the action and use of weapons to defend against monsters may appear in the future, will depend on gamedev.

Check out the gameplay of the CASTLE demo and, if you are interested, download the demo by clicking on the respective links below.




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