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CHERNOBYL INFERNO: Explore a Dark Underworld Filled with Mutants in Search of Your Missing Brother

Chernobyl Inferno is an indie horror simulation game that was produced by Shumilin and published on January 17th of this year on the Steam platform. In the game, you will enter the underground shelters of Chernobyl, where rumors said about former mutated residents who, after the most well-known nuclear disaster in history, had moved away from humanity and started to live in these places. Your objective is to find your brother Jack, who had disappeared after going to these places to film a video and take some pictures.

The graphics are well produced, from the monsters to the environments. The gameplay issue is simple, focused only on survival, where you don't use weapons, but a flashlight. As with Silent Hill Shattered Memories, survival of the environment is the focus in Chernobyl Inferno. In addition, the Stealth aspect is very present and practically mandatory, as there are times when you must cross places as discreetly as possible, avoiding attracting the attention of enemies.

Check out the gameplay of the Chernobyl Inferno demo and, if you're interested, take the opportunity to buy the game on the Steam page. Just click on the respective links below.


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