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CHILDREN OF SILENTOWN: An Adventure/Horror Game Where You Must Unveil The Forest's Mystery

Children of Silentown is an adventure and horror indie game with point-and-click and puzzle gameplay that has your demo version, titled "Prologue", released on November 25th of this year. Here you control Lucy, a girl that lives in a village surrounded by a forest, inhabited by monsters. The problem is that various persons have disappeared without leaving a trace to the point of becoming ordinary, while odd voices and roars have been heard at night, tormenting children like Lucy, who has constant nightmares. But she is determined to investigate the mysteries involving the disappearances and the forest itself.

The game has a great narrative load and this is sustained by the point-and-click gameplay style: you need only point a local, item or person to Lucy interact with. The visual part of the game is superb; being completely designed by hand by Elf Games, in partnership with Luna2 Studio, Children of Silentown has an aesthetic that remembers a few children's storybooks or one of those cult graphic novels. The soundtrack goes from relaxing moments to tensions as we progress through the game, being more immersed in the plot.

The "Prologue" demo, although short, worth as an appetizer, which makes the player become more interested in Lucy's adventures on full, whose release date we still don't have. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the "Prologue" by clicking on the link below:

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