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Classic and Adventure Era: Best of Both Worlds in One Sonic Fangame.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sonic Solaris is one more of the Sonic fangames that have your Demo, entitled "New Beginnings", shown on SAGE 2020. According to fangame creator, MangoLaCroix, the project has the purpose of creating a unique experience in terms of 2D Sonic games, uniting the best elements of Classic and Adventure Styles.

In my first impressions, I could see, right at the beginning of the game, that it was produced having the Sonic Worlds as an engine, the very same engine used on the After and Before the Sequel, these games as two of the best Sonic fangames ever made. Here in Solaris, we have for characters (Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Bean), everyone with a specific ability. The game is beautiful and well made, visually speaking. The music is very good for a demo of the game, being extracted from our dear blue hedgehog official games.

The gameplay, however, is a little uncomfortable. While in After and Before the Sequel we had a little hard command on the keyboards, here in Solaris, it's the opposite: the characters run slippery in some moments. It's not rare the times I died on holes or battles with the boss because of this little fail.

Despite that, for an initial demo, this game is very competent and you can check this out on the link below:


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