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COBRA KAI: Play as Johnny Lawrence in this amazing Cobra Kai fan game.

Cobra Kai is a fangame of the Netflix original show developed by Thatcher Productions where you play as Johnny Lawrence and takes place in the final events of Karate Kid 1 and beginning of Cobra Kai in which Johnny participates in the tournament against Daniel Larusso and seeks to create his own dojo. . However, you will need to face your former master and incorporate new principles into the Cobra Kai fighting style.

The game is fully developed in OpenBor and is a demo build that has the Karate Kid tournament part and the beginning of Cobra kai, however it is possible to find polished gameplay, sprites inspired by 8-bit games and soundtrack inspired by the original series , but with the sound of video games of the time.

Check out the gameplay

Download Cobra Kai Game Demo

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