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COFFIN MALL: A Night Job on the Mall becomes a Nightmare as you're being Hunted in this Horror Game

Coffin Mall is a short first-person survival horror indie adventure game that was produced by OKSoft and published on October 21st of this year, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. At Coffin Mall you are a security guard on your first day on the job. Your task is to take care of a Mall at night. But what was a simple and relaxing job ends up becoming a nightmare, to learn that a stranger entered the place and is now hunting you.

Coffin Mall features excellent graphics that simulate the aesthetics of PSX games. As for its gameplay, there's not much to talk about here, it's everything you'd expect from an indie horror game, ie the use of the WASD keys for movement, Spacebar to jump, Shift to sprint and Mouse to interact/ use flashlight. The game is short and can be completed in a few minutes.

Perhaps the only downside here is the lack of a little more substance. The game has good potential for much more. All that remains is to wait for an update or sequel, depending on OKSoft's decisions. In the meantime, you can check out Coffin Mall gameplay by clicking on the link below, and at the same time, if you're interested, you can also buy the game either on the itch.io or Steam page.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/IGASmgarQb4

BUY THE GAME ON ITCH.IO: https://oksoft.itch.io/coffin-mall

BUT THE GAME ON STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1417730/Coffin_Mall/

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