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COLD HARVEST: Survive a Very Strange and Surreal Christmas while Living with Horns on Your Head

Cold Harvest is a game that combines horror, action, adventure, visual novel, exploration and dating sim, which is being produced by GrebotGames and is currently in the development stage. A demo was published on the and Steam platforms on the November 7th of this year. Cold Harvest introduces us to Robert, a young NEET (short for "Not in Education, Employment or Training") who lives in a difficult situation with his pet cat, Mr. White. Apparently, everything changes when one day you find a job offer flyer under the door with a good paycheck. After getting the job, when fulfilling his first task, he ends up expanding his way of seducing girls, but one day, what was good ends up getting complicated again, because when he wakes up, Robert discovers that there are horns growing in his head.

Cold Harvest gives us, as we can see from the demo, an experience different from many adventure and visual novel games ever made before. As stated in the paragraph above, it combines these two elements with a world to explore and a simulation of encounters. In terms of gameplay, you have two bars, one for peace of mind (apparently) and one for lust (which happens when interacting with women or collecting nsfw magazines). As it turns out, Cold Harvest promises to have multiple endings, and apparently this depends on the level of these two bars or the decisions you make throughout the story, in addition to the puzzles and riddles you encounter as well.

In graphical aspects, the game presents an excellent visual. Even what seems simple, like the black-and-white coloration, makes a big impact, if you take into account the story and life of the character. Without a doubt, the game appears to be very, very interesting: it presents a mixture of the most varied gameplay styles, with an interesting and even impacting story. We really do have a game that can be highly acclaimed after it's released.

But it's not all flowers: a little mistake we found in the demo (and that could be fixed before launching) is in the final moments: the remaining subtitles were not translated into English, being still in Russian, which compromised the story a little in the demo. Despite that, we have a promising game. By the way, it is worth noting here that the game has content and themes geared towards adults.

The game is scheduled to be released on December 1st, 2022. Check out Cold Harvest's gameplay and download the demo from one of the links below.



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