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CROWSCARE: A Horror Game where a Boy investigates rumors about a Witch who lives in the Forest

Crowscare is a third-person indie horror puzzle game produced by arcadekitten and published on October 15th this year, on the platform. In Crowscare, you play Ryo, a scarecrow who, along with his father, lives in a small town that is about to celebrate the Harvest Festival. This year, the event will be the first one Ryo participates in, as he was always taught by his father to sleep early at night and, because of that, he was never able to go to past events. However, as time passes, doubts and questions take hold of Ryo's head and, after being warned about a witch who lives in the forest, both by his father and by a talking crow, Ryo decides it's time to find out, for himself, why they never let him out at night.

The game was produced using a program called RPG Maker, which is used to build RPG games. Here at Crowscare, there's not much of a challenge: you just walk around a few places to explore, looking for clues or even moving on in the story. The plot is interesting and the character design is really cool, as the characters have personality and charm, each one of them.

It is noteworthy here that the game has some heavy themes that were covered, and that is why we can say that it is not a game recommended for children. Crowscare has three endings, according to what is done during the game. Click on the page below to download the game and/or you can check the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here.

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