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CURSE OF THE PYRAMID: Face Enemies and Use Even Your Soul to Explore the Pyramid in this Action Game

Curse of the Pyramid is an indie action, bullet hell and puzzle game being produced by Gomorrah DotD and which published a demo version containing a tutorial mode and stage 1 on December 14th of this year on the platform. In Curse of the Pyramid, you're an archaeologist investigating an ancient pyramid and facing terrifying monsters while solving puzzles, including ones where you'll literally need to get the soul out of your own body to solve.

The game has beautiful graphics, very well produced, and an immersive soundtrack, despite being made up of only two or three songs at the moment. However, the biggest strength of Curse of the Pyramid lies in its gameplay: the game is an amalgamation of various styles. Here you have a hack 'n slash style plus bullet hell (dodging projectiles fired by enemies) and puzzles. In addition, you use an ability called Soul Mode, where you use your own soul, both to kill spiritual enemies and solve puzzles and interact with objects that there is no way to interact in your corporeal form.

So far, the game doesn't have a boss to fight, leaving the challenge restricted to just surviving the waves of enemies while collecting four keys to activate four doors, which takes you to four locations to destroy four huge chains. According to the game's final information, it is still under development. In the meantime, check out the gameplay of Curse of the Pyramid and, if interested, download it by clicking on the links below.


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