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DEAD ESTATE: Face different monsters in a house full of zombies in this roguelike shooter game

Dead Estate is a fast-paced game with a top-down view and also a shooter / roguelike game highlighted in themes like halloween and horror. The game was developed by Milkbar Labs, which takes place after a girl and a trucker are promoting after the truck tire punctures. Now monsters and zombies appear and the only possible refuge is a strange mansion, full of dangers.

The game features two selectable characters, 25 different weapons and more than 50 items to help you on your journey. The game is based on rooms that can be opened or closed, allowing you to progress after winning the challenges in each room. Your ultimate goal is to find a key and find a boss room, then beat him to go to the next level.

The graphics are beautiful and have their own personality. Sound plays its part with fun and frightening tracks at times to create the atmosphere of terror. The enemies are varied, as are the bosses. The controls are easy to use and difficult to master, making each game a challenge to achieve that mastery.

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