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DEATH BY MOONLIGHT: Save Your Daughter in this Amazing Dead by Daylight-Inspired Horror Game

Death by Moonlight is a third-person survival horror indie game produced by Sphaera and published on September 27 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Death by Moonlight you play an American-Japanese middle aged man who had his daughter kidnapped by two infamous serial killers. As you had a dirty past but managed to overcome it, you use the knowledge you had in your previous life to make some calls, thus getting the exact location of the kidnappers, an old abandoned mansion. Without thinking twice, you get in your car and run to the scene to rescue your daughter.

Death by Moonlight was produced for 32Bit Jam, a game jam focused on projects using the PS1 32bit style. The game's title, for those who are smarter, already delivers the idea of ​​the work: it is a demake of the best known and most played cooperative survival horror game today, Dead by Daylight. They did it following the idea of ​​"What if such a game were produced for the PS1?" And, to be quite honest here, they managed to carry out the proposal very well. Death by Moonlight is divided into two acts: one focused on the mansion, featuring a puzzle element with text snippets containing clues in one room and leading to the puzzle to be solved in another room. After the puzzle is solved, you enter the second act, and this is where the gameplay style present in Dead by Daylight is introduced to the player.

For those who have never played Dead by Daylight or seen any gameplay, the proposal is simple: you walk through a large open field, going after energy generators. Once found, you have to trigger them, and this takes a little time. And you must trigger them to release the output. But the present challenge comes when you're spotted by the killers, and at that point you must stop what you're doing and find a way to hide or even heal yourself if you're attacked by one of them. And this is where there is a difference between the original and the demake: while in the original you are aided by three more survivors and everyone is hunted by a killer, here in Death by Moonlight you act alone, and you are targeted by the two killers who kidnapped your daughter, which makes the game a little more challenging.

As for the look, yes, the game respects the aesthetics of PS1 games very well, but it's also fair enough to give you the option to download two versions, one with low resolution and therefore closer to the PS1 aesthetic. !, and another one with high resolution, which improves the game's look a little more. The gameplay is quite simple, as all the action takes place only using the WASD keys (motion), Mouse (Camera and interaction), the E key (Interaction), the F key (Lighting by Lighter) and the Ctrl key (crouch) , nothing more or less than that.

Without a doubt, this is, by far, one of the best projects carried out at Game Jam. It's just a shame that the game is very short, but as a project for a Game Jam, the result was pretty satisfying. You can check the gameplay of Death by Moonlight by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game by clicking on the page below.

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